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Wayne grew up in Southern Ohio dreaming of becoming a homesteader, but had no background in farming. Through a self-guided study consisting of books, classes, and just plain experimentation, Wayne has gone from knowing nothing about gardening or raising animals to being sole proprietor of Columbus' first, privately owned, commercial, urban farm. Wayne has been an advocate for those who grow food, especially on a small scale. Aside from blogging about farming rights issues on his farm's blog and on Local Food Columbus, he also served on the Franklin County Local Food Council when it first formed. He has spoken out on behalf of small farmers and homesteaders to the USDA (APHIS), the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, the Columbus City Council, The Columbus Department of Public Safety, Franklin County Economic Development & Planning, and the Columbus Board of Health. Before he started farming full-time, Wayne has worn a wide range of hats, from babysitter to bomb investigator, from fur trapper to contract negotiator, teaching assistant to tarot reader, and lots of manual labor jobs in between. Wayne lives with his wife and two youngest children at Woodland Urban Farm in Mifflin Township, just across the creek behind East Linden Elementary School.