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Confusion Over Issue 2

November 2, 2009 Wayne 0

Saturday at the Clintonville Farmers’ Market, one of my customers said she was surprised to see so many yard signs in Clintonville in support of Issue 2. She reached the same conclusion I did: most of these people have probably fallen prey to the misleading advertisements in support of Issue 2.

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How do we move farming to the cities?

May 7, 2009 Wayne 1

“So, the question is: how can we plausibly increase the amount of farmers? The answer seems to be to take farming to where most of the people are at: in the cities.” –Sam Rose

I very much agree. In bringing farming to cities, we face two major obstacles, neither of which are insurmountable.

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April 6, 2009 Wayne 0

Frijolito Farm is offering a CSA this year running from the beginning of June through the middle of November. Vegetables, eggs, chicken, bread, sweets, and […]