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City of Columbus Hearing on the Local Food Action Plan

Time:           4:00 p.m.
Date:           Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
Location:              Columbus Neighborhood Health Center
Medical Clinic
2300 W Broad St
(614) 645-2300

Notice/Advertisement Title:  Health and Human Services Committee Meeting
Contact Name: Carl G. Williams
Contact Telephone Number: (614)645-0854
Contact Email Address:<>

President Pro Tempore Priscilla R. Tyson, chair of the Health and Human Services Committee will host a public hearing to review the Local Food Action Plan.  The Local Food Action Plan is designed to:  Improve access to nutritious food, and education about healthy food; increase the role of food in economic development; prevent food related waste; and enhance communication and coordination among existing food resources and agencies.

Representatives from the Columbus Public Health and other community stakeholders will be available to present, discuss, and update the community regarding the current status of the plan.

Click here to download the DRAFT Local Food Action Plan

The meeting will be held at:

Time:           4:00 p.m.
Date:           Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
Location:               Columbus Neighborhood Health Center
Medical Clinic
2300 W Broad St
(614) 645-2300

Public Testimony: Public testimony will be accepted. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes. Individuals wishing to offer testimony must fill out a speaker slip at turn it in between 3:45p.m. to  4:00 p.m., on site, before the hearing convenes.


Columbus Neighborhood Health Center
Medical Clinic
2300 W Broad St
(614) 645-2300

David Hooie

Carl Williams
(614)645-0854 Mobile

Cheryl  Graffagnino

Commercial Kitchen for Rent in Columbus

Are you a new food entrepreneur looking for a commercial kitchen? When you are just starting out the cost of setting up your own kitchen can be prohibitive. Don’t sweat it there are other alternatives like renting an inspected commercial kitchen.

The Food Fort Columbus Commercial Kitchen Rental located at 737 Parkwood Ave., Columbus, OH 43219.  Fully equipped kitchen and bakery, marketing and business incubation support. More information at  614-559-0163

The Commissary Columbus at 1400 Dublin Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43215 614.636.3164.

  • Mozart’s Community Kitchens: Our six prep kitchen stations offer access to a wide range of equipment like 6, 20, and 40 quart mixers, a dough sheeter, proof box, slicers, grinders and more.
  • Judy’s Kitchens:The Commissary’s four hot-line kitchen stations are each equipped with hood, 6-burner range, convection and conduction ovens. One station also includes a 12 gallon steam jacketed kettle; another has room under the hood for your specialty equipment.
  • Specialty Kitchen:This single kitchen space can accommodate many sorts of specialty cooking projects, including meat work prepared under ODA guidance.

Columbus Kitchen Leasing located at 2680 Billingsley Rd, Columbus, OH  43235.  We have two commercial kitchens for rent by the hour, day, or month.  One is a traditional catering kitchen and the other is a dedicated gluten free commercial kitchen.  Both kitchens are fully licenses by the Columbus Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  We also have special licenses for the wholesale production of frozen food. Rates: $15/hour (as of 11/2012)
Judee DeJaco, owner, Columbus Kitchen Leasing
2680 Billingsley Rd, Columbus, OH  43235
614-579-5157  Shown by appt. only More info at: Columbus Kitchen Leasing

OSU Food Industries Center creates a bridge for outside entrepreneurs who have outgrown their home equipment. Kitchens can be rented in blocks of time at cost of $20-25/hr.  Contact Jayne Sholl. More information at Food Industries Center.
The Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center, 110 Parker Food Science and Technology, 2015 Fyffe Court, Columbus, OH 43210, P: (614) 292-7004 | F: (614) 688-5459 |


If you have kitchen space available contact me via email.  You can also comment below to place a public listing on this page.

Good News for the Local Food Movement

Good News for the Local and Regional Food Movement

President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act today, after a long bout of legislative wrangling by local food advocates, small farmers and their allies for food safety rules that protect consumers without curbing the growing movement toward fresh, local and regional food.  The food safety bill passed by the House in July of 2009 would have imposed a one size fits all regulatory system biased toward  industrial agriculture with a regressive registration fee, expensive food safety plans, and regular on-farm FDA inspections regardless of the degree of the potential risk for food borne illness.  The new regulatory burdens threatened to erect formidable barriers to the developing local and regional markets for many small and moderate sized farms.

In the past two years, small farm advocates worked to win small and mid-size farm amendments to the legislation.  One organization that was key to the efforts was the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

The  amendments incorporated into the Food Safety Modernization Act and signed today by the President include:

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Food Safety Bill Passes, Now Goes to President Obama

Earlier today the House of Representatives passed  H.R. 2751 The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act with 215 voting for and 144 against.  Ten Republicans voted for the bill (see Final Vote). This is the bill that the Senate passed by voice vote on Sunday, December 19th, with the Tester-Hagan amendment protecting small farms intact.

The food safety bill hit a roadblock after passing the Senate in late November because a provision requiring the collection of user fees violated the Constitutional mandate that all revenue-generating measures must originate in the House.  House leaders then attached the bill as an amendment to two separate spending bills, neither of which were able to gain Republican support in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) circumvented the original technical mistake by attaching the bill to a House-originated measure (HR 2751) authorizing a cash-for-clunkers program – a “shell bill” with bipartisan support.  Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who had threatened to filibuster S.510 in November, dropped his objection at the last minute, allowing the food safety bill to pass unanimously.  The Washington Post reported this morning that Coburn staffer John Hart did not know why the Senator relented.

Text of the Bill: HR2751

President Obama is expected to sign the bill before Christmas.

Update on S. 510 Federal Food Safety Legislation

The Farmers Market Management Network of Ohio has been following the Senate’s food safety bill closely and just issued an alert to keep in the amendments that protect small farms and processors that sell locally.  The two articles below give  a good overview of where the legislation is now.    Your action is needed to keep local food growing.

Action Alert – Local and Regional Food at Risk

Action Alert December 8, 2010 Local and Regional Food at Risk Call Your Representative Food Safety Legislation passed by the Senate and to be… »

Update on Federal Food Safety Bill S.510

On Tuesday, November 30, a year after it was reported out of Committee, the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) passed the Senate, 73-25. The bill,… »

Senate Food Safety Bill Moves Ahead

The Senate made substantial progress on the pending Food Safety Bill Wednesday. To move the sweeping food bill forward, the upper chamber voted 74-25 to limit debate, circumventing Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) objection.  And key stakeholders resolved the two controversial issues that have plagued the bill: bisphenol A and small farm exemptions.

Read: Senate Food Safety Bill Moves Ahead.

ECDI Launches Kitchen Incubator Program


The Economic and Community Development Institute has been helping entrepreneurs in Columbus to start up and grow their businesses for the past five years. ECDI is now currently rolling out a new program to provide a wider range of development assistance. Their new Growing Entrepreneurs Initiative is launching with a focus on food-related industries and provides assistance to folks looking to take their kitchen ideas and turn them into a full time business. interviews Bob Leighty and Amy Szabo recently to talk about ECDI’s new “Kitchen Incubator” program and what it can mean both for entrepreneurs as well as the community as a whole.

ODA New Cottage Rules

It’s official. The new Ohio Dept. of Ag Cottage food rules were released. The rules now allows for a variety of new foods to be home produced, without the need for an inspected commerical kitchen.  This opens up opportunities for small food producers to expand into new areas with little overhead cost.  It also expands new products available to consumers at farmers’ markets and similar venues.

The new rules are available in (pdf document) at the ODA web site: New Cottage Food Rules.

The current food saftey rules ORC 3715 can be found here.

Food Chain Meeting in July

A Food Chain Meeting  that will take  place early the morning of July 16th in Bellville. It will  be at the Dutch  Heritage Restaurant just off of Interstate 71 (four exits  north of Polaris).  This bi-monthly meeting has proved to be a great networking  opportunity for  growers, processors, buyers, and others to meet. The topic  next month is  OSU’s Eat Global, Buy Local initiative, and the speaker is  OSU Dining  Service’s Sous Chef Patrick Murphy. Details are on the Flyer(pdf).