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How big a yard do you need to live off the fat of the land?

I was surprised at how little land this analysis says you need for a family of four.  It seems they did not mean to grow the feed for the animals on their own land, indicated by the very small area allotted for the animals.  In my opinion, living off the land means producing most of the feed for any animals on the land as well.

It is worth thinking about our true carbon food-print. The site is a resource for solar energy options. It’s worth checking out.

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How big a yard do you need to live off the fat of the land?.

PBS Series on Urban Farming

Food Forward: Urban Farming is the pilot episode spotlighting the people who are on the edge of growing food where the consumers are, in our cities. The idea of growing food in the city is not new around the world, but for the last 70 years Americans have seen a growing distance between them and the sources of their food.  This disconnect has lead to unethical practices in food production and a decrease in the nutritional value of our food. Now we see a movement toward re-connecting with our food.  Here in Columbus we have our own crop of cutting edge urban farmers.

Watch Pilot: Urban Farming on PBS. See more from Food Forward.

Urban Farming For Profit

I have long believed that urban farming cannot be truly sustainable unless there are people who can earn a living or partial living at it. It needs to turn into small business to remain with us for a long time. We need to consider our local ordinances and our attitudes about urban farming so that it is viewed like any other small business and is welcomed in our neighborhoods.  Read the full article:  Urban Farming For Profit.

Franklinton Gardens Hosting volunteer work days

Dear Friends of Franklinton Gardens,

During the next two weekends in February, Franklinton Gardens will be hosting volunteer work days from 9am-4pm at the Farmhouse, the Franklinton Gardens intern house at 909 W Rich Street. We are in need of many hands to help with remodeling work that we hope to finish by March 1st. Work detail will involve removing wall paneling, removing drop tile ceilings, patching holes in the walls and ceilings, cleaning windows, painting walls, ect. The more volunteers the better, we have loads of work and can accommodate both indoor remodeling and outdoor garden preparation projects, depending on volunteer turnout and weather. If you plan to help out either this weekend (February 18th and 19th), or the next weekend (February 25th and 26th), please notify us at info@franklintongardens, or by phone at (614) 205-3591 so that we can plan accordingly.

Thanks for your support!

Franklinton Gardens is dedicated to promoting urban agriculture and healthy food access in the Franklinton neighborhood. Creation of beauty in abandoned places, the sharing of food among neighbors, educating about nutrition and active lifestyles, and building a just and peaceable community are central themes of the Franklinton Gardens mission. — Nicholas Stanich Americorps VISTA, Franklinton Gardens Franklinton Gardens 909 W Rich Street Columbus, Ohio 43222 Cell: 614-562-4804 Office: 614.224.4770 Email:

Franklinton Gardens Organization Heads Healthy Corner Store Initiative

Franklinton GardensThe challenge to getting fresh food into the urban center is building enough demand among the residents. This article shows that shopkeepers at corner stores want to carry more fresh vegetable and fruit, but the demand for such is not there yet. Economically disadvantaged people usually have less time to prepare fresh whole foods. Many folks lack the cooking skills and often the equipment. It is much easier and usually cheaper to eat processed foods that are much less nutritious.  Franklinton Gardens is working on the many elements of this complex issue.

Read the full story at the Dispatch

Want to get involved? Learn more about the Franklinton Gardens Organization at their website

Their Facebook page