Food Myth: we need industrial farming to feed the world

Big agri-business spends obscene amounts of money to promote the myth that we need industrialized farming with its pesticides, pollution and factory farms to be able to feed the world. Well, it’s just false.

Industrial agriculture is good for big pharma and chemical corporations but is unsustainable and expensive to our health and the environment. It hurts family farmers by making them dependent on corporations for all their inputs. As fewer corporations control the markets for crops, farmers have no choice but to sell for less than it costs to produce.

Study after independent study has shown that organic, sustainable agriculture will grow more than enough for everyone globally. By allowing farmers more control over what they grow and how they sell it, it empowers them to grow for their local region and markets. Locally grown food will feed the world.

There is another myth that you can’t make a living in urban agriculture. We’ll deal with that one in a future post. For now take a look at this neat 7 minute video. Please share it with your social network.