Another Food pantry idea

Another idea that might be used to promote donation by farmers to food pantries is the one below.  Already used by CFI in Athens, Ohio.

Subject: PSA-Harvest a Row for the Hungry
From:    “Community Food Initiatives” <>
Date:    Tue, September 2, 2008 8:38 pm
To:      undisclosed-recipients:;

Please post this until September 15th, 2008
Contact: Ronda Clark

Are you awash in produce from your gardens and don’t know what to do with
it? If so, please donate it to the CFI Donation Station at the Athens
Farmers Market or bring them to 143 Morris Avenue, Athens.  We will get
them to the local food pantries, My Sisters Place, Goodworks and the Rural
Womens Recovery House.  For info 740-593-5971 or

Food Pantry Ideas

I have an idea on how to help food pantries get more local and fresh produce during the season.

There are several farmer’s markets around the city, all with vendors that bring alot of produce during the summer season.  Could an organization organize and train volunteers to make the rounds at these markets and talk to the farmers about contributing their unsold produce at the end of each market day to local food pantries? There would need to be a few or more volunteers to make the contacts. The volunteer would arrange to pickup the produce at the end of market day or at a set location that same day and take it to the food pantry.

Volunteers could not be at all the markets right at closing time, so arrangements could be made with local businesses for the produce to be left at their location for an hour or so until the pickup is made.

Volunteers would need to work Saturday mornings and other market days and arrange for produce to be set aside and then make the pickups.

Volunteers would need to be able to issue a tax deductible receipt to the vendors. This could be filled out at pickup and mailed to the vendors. It could be emailed if vendor wishes.

I wonder if there are other similar models that do this?